The Petmergency Pack is a device intended to assist pet owners in case of emergency. It provides a containment area to place one or more pets in a protective pack so the pet owners can get out safely with their pets. It provides:

  • Safe and secure containment - for emergency use only.
  • Can be utilized in seconds
  • Protection from the elements
  • Can contain the pet safely for medical treatment
  • Has a built in leash 
  • Multiple handles for easy, secure grip
  • Shoulder straps for multiple carrying options and hands free escape
  • Walk assist for injured or older pets
  • Converts to a stretcher
  • Ideal for Wildlife Rehabilitators, shelters, animal rescue and control and more
  • Quality, durable materials and made in the USA
How will you save your pet in case of an emergency?
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When Seconds Count...Are You Prepared?
When it comes to an emergency every second counts. Our pets are members of our families and our goal is to provide you a product that can be utilized in a matter of seconds. To secure your beloved pets in case of an emergency. Petmergency Packs can provide you that added security and be able to assit you with your pet or pets in that time of need. The Petmergency Pack is multi functional. And will aid you in a fast escape with your pets.

Patent pending.  Any questions? Please fill out the contact page.
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